Direct Deposit Requirements: Detailed and Informative Infographic

Direct Deposit Requirements: Infographic

You know all the advantages of using direct deposit for your payroll. In addition to the convenience and cost savings for you, there are advantages to direct deposit for your employees as well.

However, there may be restrictions that keep you from offering direct deposit. Can employers make direct deposit mandatory? The government allows direct deposit for payroll per Federal Reserve Board Reg. E, but each state has set its own direct deposit requirements …

What are your state’s direct deposit requirements?

We have created this simple infographic for you which maps out the direct deposit requirements, state by state.  (Source: American Payroll Association 2014)

We have marked (*) the states that have different requirements for different occupations, date of employment, etc. In those cases, you will want to check your state’s department of labor website for specifics.

direct deposit requirements by state


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