Employee Self-Service | 5 Benefits of ESS for Payroll Software

5 Employee Self-Service Benefits for Your Payroll Software

Small business owners often struggle to keep their payroll details organized. Employee self-service (ESS) is a great option for managing information and updates for your small business.

ESS gives employees access to some of their payroll and benefits information. Employees have their own login to your payroll software that allows them to see and edit only their personal payroll information. ESS is sometimes referred to as an employee portal.

Benefits of employee self-service

Here are five reasons for you to use ESS for your business.

1. Employees can edit personal details

Did an employee move? Did an employee’s emergency contact get a new phone number? Or, did an employee open an account at a new bank? Making these little changes in your payroll system can be tedious.

With ESS, you can pass some of the work onto employees. Employees can log into the ESS system and make changes to their payroll information. This can make changes fast and efficient.

Also, employees know their personal information better than you do. When employees can update their own information, there might be fewer payroll errors.

2. Employees can change their withholding information

When an employee’s life situation changes, their payroll tax withholding might also change. Things such as marriage, divorce, a new child, or death of a family member can all affect withholding.

Your employee self-service might allow employees to update their withholding information. If so, this is one less task for you to do. Since ESS software connects to your payroll software, the employee’s new withholding information should automatically update for the next payroll you run.

3. Employees can enter their hours worked

Your ESS system might be able to integrate with your time clock. If you want, you can have employees enter into the software the hours they work. Then, that information automatically syncs with your payroll software, making wage calculation extra easy.

You can have employees type in how many hours they work each day. Or, you can use a time clock that requires employees to clock in and clock out. You can also have employees enter their vacation and sick time.

4. Employees can view important documents

With employee self-service, you can upload payroll and benefits documents to the software. These documents can be anything you want, but you might choose to upload common employee forms, benefits information, and your employee handbook.

When employees have access to common documents, they will not have to ask you as many questions. Employees can help themselves. This means you can save some of your precious time.

If you ever have to update a document, you simply upload the new version and employees can view the changes.

5. Employees can access their payroll history

Do employees need copies of previous pay stubs? You can tell them to log into the ESS system.

In the ESS system, employees can view their payroll history. They can view and print pay stubs. They can see how much time they worked in each pay period and how much time off they have left. Employees can also see how much you deducted from each paycheck.

When employees have access to their payroll history, they can quickly get the information they need without using you as a middleman.

Try employee self-service

Employee self-service can save you a lot of time. When you use ESS with your payroll software, you reduce administrative tasks and give employees the opportunity to take control of some of their information.

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Original publish date: 8/16/2012

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