The Best 2017 Year-end Payroll Checklist for Your Small Business

Wrap up Your 2017 Payroll Program With This Checklist

As a small business owner, you have a lot to do at the end of the year. If you took on employees in 2017, there are important payroll actions you need to take. Organizing your online payroll program takes up valuable time you need to focus on your business. That’s why we created a checklist for your 2017 end-of-year payroll.

You know payroll needs your attention right now. You need a plan for your end-of-year payroll responsibilities. The IRS may penalize you if you forget even one payroll action. How will you remember everything you need to do? Here’s an option: use one checklist that covers all your payroll. You can make sure you take every necessary payroll action and check tasks off as you complete them.

Finish this year’s payroll program with the free 2017 End-of-Year Payroll Checklist from Patriot Software, LLC Find the payroll actions you need to take on one easy-to-use checklist. You can be sure that after you check off the last box, your payroll is ready for the new year.

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