Cloud Payroll: 5 Points to Consider When You Move

5 Points to Consider When You Move to Cloud Payroll Software

Considering making the switch to a cloud-based system for your business’s payroll? Almost one-quarter of small businesses in a study already use cloud payroll software.

Switching to cloud payroll software can be scary, especially if you are not familiar with using cloud software. At Patriot, we are here to calm your fears. We want to help you become more familiar with the cloud and questions to ask when looking at online payroll solutions.

Points to consider

As you make your switch to cloud payroll, consider the points below.

1. How much does the software cost?

Cost will likely be a big factor to consider when you are choosing cloud payroll software. You should look carefully at the costs involved.

How does the software provider charge for its services? Some software companies will charge you for every payroll you run. At Patriot, we only charge a monthly price based on how many employees you have.

Some payroll software providers charge extra costs. You might be charged extra for software setup or for help from a support representative.

2. Do you have to sign a contract?

When you start using cloud payroll software, you might have to sign a contract. Breaking a contract can be costly. Are you willing to commit to the software?

Some software providers offer shorter contracts. Patriot does not have a contract. You can adjust your services or leave when you want (but, you won’t want to leave).

3. What is your payroll knowledge?

It is important to understand your limits when it comes to running payroll. If you know a lot about payroll, you might be able to use a do-it-yourself software program. However, if you have little payroll knowledge, you might choose a software that does most of the work for you, such as tax calculations and filing.

4. Does the software meet your needs?

When looking at cloud payroll software, you should consider your business’s needs. What features does the software need to include?

For example, if you run a restaurant, you probably want software that can record tip income. Or, if you run a real estate business, you might want software that will manage commissions.

5. How secure is your data?

We frequently hear about hackers on the news. If you use cloud payroll software, should you be worried about the security of your payroll information? Fortunately, stories about hackers are the exception to the rule. But, you should still make sure your payroll information will be secure.

Talk to payroll providers about their security methods. Ask the provider where they store your data. Is it in the U.S. or in some far away country?

You should also ask questions about how your information is guarded and what security protocols the software provider uses.

Patriot uses the same security measures as banks. Also, only select, security-monitored employees are able to access our data center.

Still scared to join the cloud?

If you are afraid of heights, you won’t start overcoming your fear by climbing Mount Everest. Instead, you’ll take smaller steps. You can do the same thing with cloud payroll software. You can test the software by starting out with a free trial. Patriot also has a demo software where you can try the software without entering your business and employee information.

Moving your payroll to the cloud has many benefits for your business. As other small businesses join the cloud, will you join too?

Patriot has two online payroll solutions for you to choose from. We also provide free setup and support. Start a free trial now!

Original article published 4/25/2011.

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