Electronic Child Support Payments Mandated by Ohio

Ohio Mandating Electronic Child Support Payments

The State of Ohio has passed legislation that requires employers with at least 50 employees to remit their payments electronically.  Prior to the legislation, large employers had the option of sending paper checks to the Ohio Child Support Payment Central processing center in Columbus.

Ohio still encourages employers with less than 50 employees to also make child support payments electronically.  Electronic payments are more efficient and less costly for both employers and the State of Ohio.

Employers have two options for remitting child support payments electronically:

1) Online debit through www.ExpertPay.com
This is a secure site that is free for employers to use.  Once an employer has registered as a user, they can initiate child support payments directly on this website.  The site offers reporting for previous payments.

2) Electronic Funds Transfer
You can send a special NACHA ACH credit file to your bank that contains details about the support payment, including employee and case information.  Check with your online payroll provider to see if this option is available.

If you are on Ohio employer with at least 50 employees, and are currently remitting child support payments with a paper check, you will need to determine which of the two electronic methods will work best for your company.

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